Tuesday, June 7, 2011

C2 on FML

Hi blog,

A while ago I contributed an illustration for one of my favorite websites, Fmylife.com. I illustrated one of their FML stories. The story was:

Today, my boyfriend and I were laying naked in my bed making out. All of a sudden, we hear "pop goes the weasel" outside my house. My boyfriend stops and excitedly says, "ICE CREAM MAN", flips me over, grabs his clothes, and runs out of my room. FML

Here is the my visual interpretation of the story:

It's not everyday you get to draw an ice cream truck, New York City, and a naked running man all in one illustration! Needless to say I had fun with this one. I got my inspiration for the ice cream blocking the man's "package" from the intro from the old Austin Powers movie

When I was done illustrating the story I was even interviewed by FML too! If you would like to read the interview click HERE

Thanks to Alice Amiel for art directing this all the way from Paris, France! Thank god for email and skype!

Take care everyone!


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