Monday, August 23, 2010

International Sketch Series

I've decided to start a new series of drawings within my sketchbook. I spend so much time drawing the sculptures at the Metropolitan Museum of Art that i might as well post them up. My goal is to draw something from as many different countries as possible. Since I can't afford to travel around the world I can at least draw things from around the world. So here are the first 2 from my International Sketch Series (name subject to change)
Lets begin with a sketch of a Greek sculpture:

Now lets jump to Africa! Here is one from New Guinea:

More sketches to come. Please feel free to suggest any countries you would like to see!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Welcome to Disney!"

Happy August bloggers!

So about 2 weeks ago I attended ICON 6 in Pasadena, California and it was amazing! While there I was lucky enough to meet Dawn Rivera-Ernster who happened to be the Talent Development Director at Disney Animation Studios! She was nice enough to invite me and my friend, Yuquan Tan on a tour of the Disney Studios! Here I am at the main entrance:
During the visit I was fortunate enough to be joined by a group of talented illustrators including Hanoch Piven, Edel Rodriquez, Yuquan Tan, and my former professors, Melanie Reim and John Jay Cabuay. Here is a picture of all of us:

Photographs weren't allowed inside so I could only take some outside the studio. But inside the studios were covered in murals, original sketches of Disney characters were taped to the walls, arcade machines were found randomly throughout the building, free coffee, water bottles and fruits were set on tables for the taking. I saw drawings for my favorite Disney movies (Lion King, & Aladdin) along with concept art for movies still in the works (which I don't know if I can mention) In the lower levels there were even painting studios where a live painting class was taking place. (Their saw horses were a lot better then the ones I used while at FIT) Even as we walked down the hallways, we would be greeted with friendly faces saying, "Hi, welcome to Disney!" It was an amazing experience. I would love to work in an environment like that and if character design, concept art, animation or character art is your thing than I highly recommend working for Disney (eventhough I'm sure you all already knew that.)

Till next time, bloggers!