Thursday, June 16, 2011

You Float My Boat

I've mentioned before that I've dabbled in hand-lettering. I've decided to pursue it further since I'm working on a greeting card portfolio and because I genuinely enjoy doing it.Hand-lettering is a great fusion of illustration and graphic design. I was fortunate enough to meet with Art Director, David La Fleur from American Greetings who was gracious enough to give me a portfolio review (and a great one at that.) He suggested I put more hand-lettering in my portfolio since he had positive reaction to the work I showed him. Here's some of it now.

And since I'm in a giving mood. Here's two other color variations:

Expect more illustrated type soon!


Charles George Esperanza said...

not only is this an awesome style, your color choice with your type work is great.

Alex Ariza said...

Looks legit. I can see this being used definitely.

Keep at it man!

Anonymous said...

Great job on the type. Stick with it!