Friday, September 30, 2011

News and updates...

I havent posted much this month but not because I have nothing to show, but because it's not ready to be unveiled. I am officially going to be participating in the Sketchbook Project 2012 hosted by the Art House Co-op. For those of you unfamiliar with it, The Sketchbook Project is where a bunch of crazy artists are sent a sketchbook and they fill it with magical artwork. Then they send the finished sketchbooks back and the books are shown on display to the world! It is a sort of traveling sketchbook gallery that goes to different cities. Thank you to YuQUan Tan to convincing me to join. More info can be seen HERE
Here's a picture of me and my empty (for now) sketchbook.

I've also been working on some updates for my website and this blog, as well as adding new pieces to my portfolio (both editorial and children's book). PLUS I am working on a collaborative illustration with Charles George Esperanza. So please be a patient turtle (not to be confused with an awkward turtle) and stay tuned for more exciting art / news on the way!

Be good.