Saturday, October 2, 2010


I think one of the best things an illustrator can do is not just look at the work of other contemporary illustrators but the work of fine artists from the past. I was fortunate enough to see the Pablo Picasso exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art a few months ago. (It was great) While there I viewed Picasso's "The Harlequin" which is my favorite painting done by him. I think its a good exercise to create your own version of a classic work of art so that's what I decided to do. This is what happens when Christian Castro's art and Pablo Picasso's art have a crazy love child:

Castro's Harlequin

Original "Harleguin" by Picasso may be seen HERE

I took some artistic liberties and changed some of the colorss / shapes. After all it is MY version of it. (In case you are wondering- Yes I gave him a shape up) I might do another one of somebody else's painting. Its a fun exercise to do in between working on illustration commissions or portfolio pieces.

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Sashalyn said...

Chris, you are so right. Artist today should recognize those from the past. If they learn to combine then with now, they can truly create something really unique, like you just did! Careful with that upper hand, though.

Jung Wei Lien said...

Depends who you're referring to when you wrote 'artist'. Fine Artists don't reference the past in hope to create original art. We illustrators, and cinematographers, do pay tribute to our forefathers from time to time.

Anyways, lets see more pieces with Christian Castro in the comp. How about a pieta scene?

Alex Ariza said...

Hands need major revision. Not sure about the big gray block either.

Play with it more, I know you can do better!