Monday, October 4, 2010

EPIC Design

So there's this amazing place called the Society of Illustrators for those of you who live under a rock. This place has a new group called the Empowered People of the Illustration Community (EPIC) Students and recent graduates from several art colleges around the country were asked to design an illustrated version of the EPIC logo (or the "pencil E" as I like to call it)
Here is my design I submitted to represent FIT:

The design was inspired by the airforce art show which was showcased at the Society this past month. The above illustration will be showcased during the 2010 Educators Symposium at the Society of Illustrators taking place this upcoming weekend! Stay tuned. I will have a lot more information about EPIC coming soon including how you can join. Feel free to follow this blog!


Linda Fung said...

My EPIC logo is a snake lols...

Sashalyn said...

Chris, love that you were inspired by the air force. I love the fade from blue to yellow. Nice job! :)