Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shakira = Muy Bueno

Here's a drawing I did of Shakira. Why? Because it's SHAKIRA! Enjoy : )

That should keep you entertained while I work on my website a bit more.
**SPEAKING OF AMAZING ART, check out my untitled piece being displayed on the Creative Quarterly online gallery HERE. **


Charles George Esperanza said...

the realism and pencil work of this piece is awesome. hopefully shes wearing less in the next portrait;)

Sandra Lucia said...

You really captured Shakira in this portait! Keep it up!!

Jung Wei Lien said...

Yeah, I can see your special attention for detail on Shakira. Hopefully you can meet her in person someday and she can sign it.

Sashalyn said...

Great job on the rendering, Chris! :)