Thursday, January 1, 2009


Everyone has had a so called, "bullshit class" or a "bullshit professor" including myself. But I try to get something out of every situation. Even if the situation seems completely useless and a total lost cause. I have recently had one of these "bullshit classes" but i did finish it with something- a concept. A concept that I was not able to execute the way I intended on doing so while taking the class. Luckily that is what vacations are for. I know people always say they are going to touch up a painting or even do it over all together but they never get around to it. I'm happy I actually have.

This piece is different then what I usually would do, but is still painted in my style. My biggest goal was to portray some emotion in it. I hope I've succeeded. As always critiques and compliments are welcomed : ) Special thanks to Alex Ariza for posing and for giving me the wood i painted on.

Acrylic on wood


Charles George Esperanza said...

I likes how you used the drip in the background and also the perspective. I say u should use even more fine art elements in your work. Overall solid piece

Alex Ariza said...

hey kiddo

Looks good BUT, as I always do with every piece I see, I gotta give my 2 cents in.

I noticed that you gave the clothing a sense of roundness which is lacking in my hair. Not entirely sure that was intentional but I felt obliged to bring it up.

Next, we have the light on my ass...if you were going for reflective light, then you did good for trying to put it on there, unfortunately, you put it in the same exact value as the highlight, a big no no.

Lastly, I'm extremely proud you went the full nine and finished your solo project.

Keep up the good work, and keep aiming for the best you can produce.

Christian Castro said...


The flatness of the hair was indeed intentional. It originally had blue highlights but I removed them to add some graphic effect to it. If you look closely you can still see spots of blue.
As for the reflective light on the "gluteus maximus" that was indeed NOT intentional. Good catch. Luckily I am still in a painterly mood and can go back and fix it. Thanks for the 2 cents.