Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pinata = Happiness

Optometry Pinata
Adobe Illustrator

I don't think it's possible to not have fun with a pinata. This is a digital painting I did for the SUNY optometry center in NYC. I am happy to see I pulled off an illustrator painting without using one transparency or gradient. If I had more time I would have added more eye glasses and candy. Enjoy.

Here's a link to a well animated movie I came across online.
It's called: Gentelmen's Duel


nbalike said...

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Nathalie Gonzalez said...

Hermanito, I already told you in person how much I like this one. I know you didn't have much time but I would have suggested to have more variation in the sizes of the glasses. At least maybe one that is a lot bigger than the others...making it seem like its going to pop out of the painting and poke us in the eyeball. The colors are great, love the piƱata's eye and great overall concept. I LUB EET! DIS EES BERY DANDY!

Charles George Esperanza said...

Yo your composition is bangin and the concept is bangin so this piece is pretty much bangin. This is deff my fav piece Ive seen on your blog so far. Whatever your doin keep on doin it.

s.b. kosinski said...

I love pinatas and I love this. I'm going to pretend the glasses are made out of candy.

yuquan said...

Christian!! i agree with what charles said, its BANGIN' hahah. keep it up.

and yea i agree with Natalie on the glasses. it can really make it pop. also, william low taught us to play around with the brightness of the color too, so you can make the thing thats the closest a little darker and the farther one lighter, that way it will give it dimension baby!@.

still love it though, thinking about the optometry place when they look at it, they might cringe a bit cuz the glasses might get broken, it might be like nails to chalkboard to them. so frightening yet exciting.