Monday, December 6, 2010

As Tall As Lions

For those of you who don't know, one of my favorite bands is As Tall As Lions. You can listen to some of their stuff HERE. I was lucky enough to watch them perform back in the summer of 08.
Unfortunately a few months ago they announced that they were breaking up and are currently doing a farewell tour . So I pay my tribute to them the best way I know how- by painting their portraits.

So Cheers to a great band with great music! Best wishes to Julio, Saen, Cliff and Dan on their future projects!

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Nathalie Gonzalez said...

Maybe this image would be more striking with a more obvious difference in size between the two guys in the middle. Dare I say... also the guy in the front even bigger? These are possible suggestions to make it stronger but I do think that the colors you've chosen and your comp hold it up well. Not sure if you did this purposely, but I also liked that you had these vertical lines in the back, that reminded me of the name of the band. Your style looks great with these kinds of images-- when they leave a generous amount of "negative space." Interested in seeing you combine your latest sketchbook entry with this piece. Can they possibly make a baby? I'm curious...