Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wall Harmony

Hey blog! So last year I donated an image to be hung in the patients' waiting rooms of the SUNY Optometry Center along with a few other illustrators. After many months of waiting the pieces were finally framed and hung. I visited the location a little while ago with Melanie Reim and Caitlyn Dailey (shown here).

The pieces were printed on 18 " x 24 " paper and hung around 2 floors of the Optometry Center. Many people were already admiring the wide range of art when I arrived there to photograph the pieces. One of them being a little girl who was there with her grandmother. She took quite a liking to Caitlyn : )

Here's a shot of some of the pieces on the wall.

After searching for a few minutes I found my piece! Here's a picture:

Special thanks to Melanie Reim for telling me about this opportunity and for the photographs. I'll never say no to doing art for a good cause. Before we left that day we took a group photo with Caityln, Melanie, the little girl and one of the Directors of the SUNY Optometry Center.


memi said...

Your art looks great, Christian-
what goes around, comes around- good things will come your way for participating in this project!

Nathalie Gonzalez said...

Glad you finally posted this! Looks good!

heidi Younger Illustration said...

Very Awesome Christian! NIce piece!
GReat seeing you this past weekend at Pratt's draw-a-thon!

Christian said...

Thanks guys for the kind words. Hopefully more good things are to come.

Caitlyn Dailey's ArtBlog said...

It was really cool to do that with you and Melanie.