Monday, July 13, 2009

Flat is the new black

Bye Bye Balloon

So I've been working digitally lately. It goes well with the graphic style i'm going for. Flat is the new black afterall. Heres a concept I've had in my mind for a while now that I finally painted just today!The ferris wheel took me the longest to get down correctly. Luckily I managed to this whole piece in one day. I'll convert it to an illustrator version later. It still feels kind of empty to me. I might add clouds. I might not. Any suggestions are welcome. Enjoy!


Jorell Rivera said...

It's really good as is. I don't think you have to add any clouds, but maybe you could add a light gradient to show the sky receding in the background.

yuquan said...

i think it looks great Christian, the sky is fine the way it is, it feels like its space for text. clouds are okay too, it's up to you.

Jung Wei Lien said...

Carnies fill up those seats, yeah? So why not put in the other patrons? Maybe think about a theme, like it's some sort of balloon festival. Make it a scene of color.

Perhaps the girl has intent on sending the balloons to someone. Perhaps she was about to lose them, but a bird is bringing it back to her, or a clown on stills.

What I'm trying to say is, ask yourself what is the story being told and why should we, the audience, care.

Nathalie Gonzalez said...

Everyone above has made some worth considering comments. I agree with Yuquan--the empty space would like nice with some text...I personally would lose the place of the balloons (maybe add them somewhere else--maybe open up more vertical empty space) and add text to make into a poster. But you know that's how'd I roll. Girl could use some volume in her hair (from a girl's perspective) it would make her and maybe the piece more interesting. The wheel and the leaves are on point, Hermanito.