Saturday, January 15, 2011

Halo (not the video game)

Hello world! I hope everyone is enjoying 2011 thus far! I've been away from the blog a bit longer than I had wanted but I'm back. Here's a new piece I just "finished" today. It's mixed media. I tried to convey as much emotion as I could. I remember when all my work had some sort of humor behind it. I guess your art changes as you change. I will probably go back and add some stuff to the piece. Constructive suggestions are welcome. More work soon to come so feel free to follow the blog if you haven't already! I'll be doing a lot more experimental art in 2011.

Mixed Media


Charles George Esperanza said...

I am digging this piece. The soft lighting on the face and the hair are awesome. I haven't seen you work this way before but keep it up. The drawing of the face is great too. I like the exposed brick wall as well, nice subtle touch in conveying danger.

Jaclyn Schauer said...

Hey Christian, this is definitely different than what you usually do. I suggest dulling down the yellow a little in the halo. Although caution tape is usually really bright, in terms of the piece, I think the brightness is distracting the viewer from the the great face you did.