Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So here's an illustration I did based on an article about former Vice-President, Dick Cheney. The article discussed how Cheney was interviewed by the FBI and responded to 72 of the questions with, "I do not recall."

I don't recall, Mr. Cheney
Photoshop, illustrator

ALSO- Make sure to vote for my fellow illustrator and friend, Charles George Esperanza in a national art competition he is currently taking part in. Click HERE to vote. 5 stars is a nice number.


Anonymous said...

looks a lot better now. awesome. keep the flow going!

Jung Wei Lien said...

I'm personally not sure about the flag over his mouth. Are you suggest the American government forcibly censoring him?

Charles George Esperanza said...

u should post up some of the sketches of the preliminary sketch ideas because they were awesome. Thanks for the shout out btw! I owe yah one!

Christian Castro said...

Will, the flag is more about representing his role as a politician as opposed to censoring him. His mouth is covered because he chooses not to speak.

Jung Wei Lien said...

Perhaps its just me, but it doesn't look like he's restricting himself. His facial expression seems that of oppression. The flag certainly looks like a seal or gag, but those icons are often perceived as instruments applied by a secondary entity.